Regarding Henry

I just posted a couple of messages to local email lists and posted a few tweets on the new Twitter account for this blog, and as a result I have gotten a spike in traffic and feedback on and offline.  I hope that I can write insightful enough posts to sustain the interest.  Here’s some things that I have learned thus far.

I reiterated the content of my first post into a blog mission statement.  A lot of the feedback that I have gotten has asked me to go beyond the scope that I have aspired to on the blog.  Take a look at the mission on the right hand side.

Though I am looking for other contributors, there are still no volunteers.  If you are reading this and think that you have something to contribute, then join me!  Contact me if you are interested.

Being a NW Philadelphian, I have been encouraged to look at the Charles W Henry Elementary School in Mount Airy.  More specifically, I was referred to the now defunct, but still wonderfully comprehensive parent blog Knowing Henry.  Reading that blog has helped me not only to learn more about the school, but has also helped me think about how I am framing my research.  More on that in posts to come.

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