Why I Chose Annunciation BVM: 2010-03-24 School Selection Report

Date Submitted: 3/24/2010

What school did you decide on? Annunciation BVM Philadelphia

Calendar year your child entered/will enter 2007

Grade your child entered/will enter 4

What neighborhood are you in? South Philly

What schools did you consider? St. Nicholas of Tolentine, St. Thomas Aquinas, Sacred Heart of Mary and Our Lady of Angels.

What factors were most important to you? Location, Teaching Philosophy, Teacher Quality, Principal Quality, Diversity

What first attracted you to the school? What first attracted me to this school is how nurturing the principal is.  She really exemplifies how the rest of the teachers are.

Did you relocate in order to choose this school? No

On the political spectrum, I consider myself to be Democrat

Please share anything else about your experience This is school is very nurturing, and they challenge the kids with classwork/schoolwork everyday, yet, they also take their time to make sure that the individual student have the tools they need to grasp the work.   Small classes so the students receive individual attention and the school has a family feel.  The kids are very polite and mannerly and the older students look out for the younger students.

They now have a pre-school and day care program which is excellent.  Would recommend this school for those looking for quality education and not the “big box” feel.

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