Why I Chose McCall: 2010-04-01 School Selection Report

Date Submitted: 4/1/2010

What school did you decide on? McCall Elementary

Calendar year your child entered/will enter 2008 and 2010

Grade your child entered/will enter in 2010, 2nd grader and K

What neighborhood are you in? Center City

What schools did you consider? Independence Charter School
Russell Byers Charter School

What factors were most important to you? Location, Public Eduction, Teacher Quality, Diversity

What first attracted you to the school? McCall was our catchment school.  But, I did tour the other schools to get a feel and make a comparative analysis.

Did you relocate in order to choose this school? No

On the political spectrum, I consider myself to be moderate, leaning to liberal

Please share anything else about your experience I could not be happier with our 2 years at the school.  My child has had 2 of the best teachers I can imagine.  There is a lot of parental involvement and there is an active Home and School. Principal Carol Domb is very effective and truly cares about the teachers, students, and parents.

My child gets Chinese language instruction every day.  My child’s class is half Chinese, or perhaps even a little more.  This has been very rewarding experience.

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