Why I Chose Andrew Jackson: 2010-05-24 School Selection Report

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Date Submitted: 5/24/2010

What school did you decide on? Andrew Jackson

Calendar year your child entered/will enter 2010/2011

Grade your child entered/will enter kindergarten

What neighborhood are you in? South Philly

What schools did you consider? I considered International [PSS-I think this was supposed to be Independence?] Charter School, Christopher Columbus Charter School, Folk Arts Charter School, Performing Arts Charter School, Meredith, Greenfield, McCall, Kirkbride, Jenks, and a few that I’m forgetting, I’m sure.

What factors were most important to you? Location, Teaching Philosophy, School Performance (test scores, success of graduates), Teacher Quality, Principal Quality, Diversity, Special Programs (language immersion, music, etc.), physical safety

What first attracted you to the school? We were not accepted into any of the schools we applied to, either through the school district’s transfer form, or the charters’ lotteries.  We don’t have the money to apply to private schools.  We were frankly out of choices and really did not want to move out of the city.  My friend is on the Jackson Friends committee, and after attending the neighborhood meeting about the school and all the work they have done, and have planned for the future, we started thinking seriously about having our child attend.  I think it’s important that the school district is so supportive of the changes being brought about.  I also became very active in changing the school.  Our child will be able to go to school with her neighborhood friends.  I will be able to walk her to school.  She will see a dedicated group of people, including her mother, working very hard to improve her school every day.  Jackson needs work, but it is improving by leaps and bounds.

Did you relocate in order to choose this school? No

On the political spectrum, I consider myself to be very liberal

Please share anything else about your experience Every child who enters Jackson since all of the changes have begun will have improved test scores, and better and better experiences.  We fully expect to be the next “meredith”, with all of the opportunities, high test scores, and reputation that they carry.  There is no reason in the world why we can’t do it.

I’ve always believed anything could be accomplished if you just believed in it hard enough, but was always told I was just a dreamer.  Now I see that change IS possible if enough like-minded people work hard enough towards the same goal.  It is an amazing process to watch.

Tell PSS and our readers about your school choice!

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