Why I Chose Friends Central: 2010-05-28 School Selection Report

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Date Submitted: 5/28/2010

What school did you decide on? Friends Central

Calendar year your child entered/will enter 2009-2010

Grade your child entered/will enter Kindergarten and Preschool

What neighborhood are you in? West Philly

What schools did you consider? Lower Merion Township Public Schools, Philadelphia Charter Schools

What factors were most important to you? Tuition, Location, Teaching Philosophy, Class size

What first attracted you to the school? We have friends who not only graduated from Friends Central but now work there.  Their children attend Friends Central currently and are the same age of our children.  They were an invaluable resource when it came to questions regarding the quality of the education and the quality of the community.

Did you relocate in order to choose this school? No

On the political spectrum, I consider myself to be Liberal

Please share anything else about your experience For us, the number one factor was geography.  When our daughter was 3 we spent approximately 6 months commuting with her from Overbrook Farms (Main Line) area to Center City.  She attended an amazing day care that we just weren’t willing to take her out of.  That experience made us quickly realize that living close to our kids school was going to be the most important factor in maintaining our sanity as they got older and more involved in school events.  It was this issue that really ruled out a lot of the high quality charter schools in Philadelphia.  The ones we were most interested in would have required either a move or a commute.  As we had just moved in 2006, we were not interested in moving again.  In addition, we had decided that if we were going to move we would likely just head into Lower Merion Township as it is a mere four blocks away from our house.

Ultimately, we fell in love with Friends Central as soon as we visited.  We had concerns about paying the tuition and the private school community.  But the teaching philosophy cannot be beat.  We love the built in service oriented lessons as well as the tight knit community.  It is a far cry from the nightmares I had regarding private schools.

Tell PSS and our readers about your school choice!

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