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November 2010

Why I Chose Wissahickon Charter: 2010-11-18 School Selection Report

The thing that “sold” me on WCS is the Responsive Classroom Curriculum. It is a very structured and smart system by which all faculty and students learn to handle conflicts assertively. The vibe of this school is very peaceful and happy. A zero-tolerance of bullying is taken very seriously from the classrooms, to recess, to the buses.

Interdisciplinary Education

Interdisciplinary teaching is the term used to describe when a curriculum focuses on a specific theme or project and aims to teach …

Elementary School Diversity Reconsidered

When I entered into the process of identifying a school for my kid, I considered diversity a primary characteristic of the school that I hoped to identify. However, in my experiences visiting schools and hearing your public (and private) comments on this blog, I realized that I have to change my expectations of diversity.

Changes to Philly School Search

You may have noticed some changes to Philly School Search over the last few weeks, the most dramatic is our new look and feel. Why the changes?