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December 2010

Fire Bad Teachers [Video]

Fire the bad ones! An AP poll found 78 percent of those surveyed believe there should be a better way to get rid of under-performing educators.

Let’s Get Some Intense Debate Going

We’re all very passionate about our families and school choices, right? In order to promote more dialog on Philly School Search, we have just added a new commenting service to our site, Intense Debate.

Jenks Featured On New Local Blog

I’ve written about JS Jenks, my catchment school, extensively. Now another local blog, Chestnut Hill Patch, is getting into the act.

Chances of a Charter School

I am applying to 4 charter schools whose acceptances are all by lottery. Their acceptances by lottery give us a chance of 10%, 10%, 15%, and 15% respectively. How do I calculate the probability of getting into at least 1 charter school?