Changing Education Paradigms [Video]

When I started this blog, I had hoped only to share my experiences so that other parents in Philadelphia might benefit.  I never realized how much that I would learn as a result.  The latest example is a totally unexpected email from a parent in Seattle.

On the advice of blogging experts, I am making an effort to make the blog more vibrant by including an image or video (or both) to every post.   I dabble in photography and often use my own images, but I refer to some stock photo sites for images as well.  Since I have no budget for this, I choose only photos licensed for free distribution.  As a courtesy, I email the photographer to let them know when I use an image and say thank you.  I usually get a response “Thanks for letting me know!  Cool blog.” and that is about it.  I did the same thing for my post of December 9, documenting the fact that my son was not selected in the Wissahickon Charter lottery.

The response that I got back was amazing.

The photographer, Kristine Kisky, is a Seattle parent who started her son (whose image was featured in my blog post)  in Kindergarten at a Seattle Public School and then pulled him out and began homeschooling.  It sounds like her experience is similar to many Philadelphia parents who are conflicted about sending their kids to city public schools.  Unfortunately, Washington State doesn’t have a charter school program, so there are fewer options for her than we have here.  Anyway, she is documenting her adventures on her own blog, Magnolia Preparatory Academy which is well worth reading.

That was all just a way too long introduction to this great video that she shared with me.  It is an insightful lecture which would make this video compelling to watch in and of itself.  However, the Royal Society for the Encouragement of the Arts (RSA) that produced the video, takes audio from lectures and adds highly entertaining animations that actually contribute to the lecture’s impact.  This particular video is on the topic of education reform was adapted from a talk given in the UK at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson, world-renowned education and creativity expert and recipient of the RSA’s Benjamin Franklin award.  This video is well worth the ten minute investment, if only to put our current educational system in its proper historical context.  Thanks for sharing Kristine!

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