We just got one, and likewise many of you will be getting private school acceptances this week.  Congratulations!  Now you have the unique privilege of spending $10-20K a year for kindergarten.

*pause a moment for heart palpitations to subside*

Now,  many of you will have tough questions ahead–do you even like the school for your child?  If so, are you willing and able to pay for it?  If your school follows the ADVIS admissions guidelines, you have at least until March 1 to make a decision.  Hopefully you know what your financial aid package looks like, but perhaps not.  Plus, parents do not hear from many charter schools until March or April, so the decision has to be made without the benefit of a complete understanding of what your options are.  It’s a trying period, but at least this agonizing process of choosing a school is coming to a close.

On an unrelated note, my post a couple of months ago about not drawing a good number in the Wissahickon Charter lottery sported the headline “REJECTED” and quickly became one of the most read articles on this site.  I wonder how “ACCEPTED” will compare?  I suspect the REJECTED headline is more enticing to people, but we’ll see.

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