Green Woods Charter Limbo

Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education, The Current Site of Green Woods Charter

WHYY Newsworks website reported yesterday on the progress of Green Woods Charter‘s application to expand, which has been delayed again and again by the School Reform Commission, as recently as last week. At the same time, Green Woods is considering a move to a bigger space in Chestnut Hill.  Also challenging Green Woods–some opposition to the new location surfacing within NIMBY-prone Chestnut Hill.  [tangent–I live very close to the proposed site and I have a long standing personal frustration with local NIMBYism–here’s one example]

The delays and uncertainty must be maddening for Green Woods administrators as well as current and prospective families who don’t know what is in store for their school come the Fall.  The admission lottery date for Fall 2011 still has yet to be announced, possibly in part because of this bureaucratic mess.

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