Cool Philly School Map

There are plenty of resources like The Inquirer’s Report Card on the Schools and that parents can use to learn more about schools that they are considering.  Add another great resource to the list–The Notebook and Plan Philly have collaborated to create an interactive map of Philadelphia school district facilities and some very insightful statistics:

In addition to name and address, each facility includes the following information:

Facility type: As identified by the District
Built: Year of construction
Current status: Whether the facility is open or closed, whether it is owned or leased
Grades: Current grade configuration
2010 school enrollment: Based on District figures for fall 2010
% increase in enrollment, 2005-2010: Based on District figures for 2005, 2010
% of school capacity in use: Fall 2010 enrollment as a % of Feb. 2010 capacity*
AYP status in 2010: Based on state data
Keystone Achievement Award winner: School has met adequate yearly progress (AYP) for two consecutive years

I assume that they created the map for the purpose of informing the public in the light of declining enrollments and the inevitable school closings that are coming as a result.  However, this map (larger version here) is also another interesting input for parents collecting information on schools.  Incidentally, if you like interactive school maps, be sure to check our out.

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