Green Woods Charter Chestnut Hill Community Meeting

The following message was sent to us and has been reprinted in its entirety.

Green Woods Charter School is meeting on March 15th at 7:30PM at Chestnut Hill Hospital’s first floor conference room to present our updated building designs to the CHCA-Development Review Committee. For those parents hoping to secure a seat at Green Woods for September 2011 (and beyond) this meeting is an important one to attend. It is our hope that this first official meeting with the greater community will encourage a positive dialogue as we outline both the need for a high-quality charter school in Chestnut Hill and our desire to restore Greylock Manor to become our new home. This meeting is open to the public. Please join us.

Warmest Regards,
Jean Wallace, CEO, Green Woods Charter

You can read more about the proposed move to Greylock Manor on the Green Woods Charter website.

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