Inquirer Eviscerates School District of Philadelphia

Embattled Superintendant Arlene Ackerman

I plunked down a buck for today’s Inquirer and got treated to an upset stomach. As someone considering public school options, seeing 4 separate stories on our troubled schools was quite upsetting.    Grab your Pepto-Bismol and read on.

  • Assault on Learning: 7 part Inquirer investigation on school violence (part 2 “Violence Unreported” was published today)

The district’s 32 neighborhood schools, in 2009-10, varied widely in reporting assaults to Philadelphia police. Some schools notified police about most assaults, while others reported as few as three out of 10.

School Superintendent Arlene Ackerman’s recent punishment of teacher Hope Moffett reminded the NAACP’s Jerry Mondesire of “royal vengeance.” His comment made me think of my own run-in with the woman one writer dubbed “Queen Arlene.”

Corbett wants to cut funding for public schools by 11 percent, a prospect that leaves districts scrambling to figure whether they can preserve full-day kindergarten.

“Things have gotten worse, not better,” he said. “You can’t address the problem until you’re honest about it, and the district is not honest about it.”

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