Why I Chose Greene Street Friends: 2011-06-06 School Selection Report

This is a snapshot of one parent’s school choice. Help other parents–take five minutes to complete an anonymous survey to tell PSS and our readers about your school choice!

Date Submitted: 6/6/2011

What school did you decide on? Greene Street Friends School

Calendar year your child entered 2009/2010

Grade your child entered PK

What neighborhood are you in? NW Philly

What schools did you consider? Miquon, GFS, Penn Charter, Henry, Waldorf

What factors were most important to you? Tuition, Location, Reputation, Teaching Philosophy, Teacher Quality, Principal Quality, Diversity, Special Programs (language immersion, music, etc.)

What first attracted you to the school? GSFS seemed to have a neighborhood feel to it. It is diverse and unpretentious.  When we asked around, we found a lot of CH, Germantown and Mt. Airy families from many different economic situations sent their kids there so it seemed like a nice mix of our wonderful community.

What were the critical factors that led to your choice? The tuition is much more reasonable than many of the independent schools (and doesn’t start climbing steeply after kindergarten), and it still had all the things we were looking for: great teachers, great community, great values, an emphasis on making learning fun while teaching serious academics, a good after school program, active parent community, small class size, special programs (music, Spanish, sign language in Pre-K, etc.).  My son is now entering first grade, and I don’t regret our decision at all.

Did you relocate in order to choose this school? No

On the political spectrum, I consider myself to be your average Mt. Airy liberal

Please share anything else about your experience My only worry going in was that it would be too small down the road, and I couldn’t decide where he’d want to be in middle school or high school, but I am so glad I let go of this and just went with where I knew he’d be happy in the younger grades (and wouldn’t cost us an arm and a leg). The truth is that kids move around all the time (even at those K-12 schools), and if it seems like one year GSFS is no longer a good fit, we’ll just switch schools.  But for now we’ve found the perfect fit for our family, and I don’t see us looking for a new school for our son until high school.

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