Suburban Flight for Schools Not Default Choice

There is a great article in the Inquirer today by Miriam Hill (who wrote about this blog last month) about the struggle parents face during the school choice process. I know all about it–it’s that struggle that fuels my blog traffic (there is an online chat on the topic tomorrow at 11 AM featuring me at, details at the bottom of this post).

Hill’s angle is interesting, it’s right in the title–Schools a Key to Keeping Young Families in Philadelphia.  Instead of it being a pure city versus suburbs decision for parents as it has been historically, many are choosing to stay and work to improve the schools themselves–read my articles marked with the parental involvement tag to see my numerous observations of the same phenomenon across the city.  There is definitely a movement afoot to change the system rather than relocate.  My experience in talking to parents matches Ms. Hill’s pretty closely.  Though some families are still choosing the suburbs, more and more are sticking around and pitching in to make things better.

Having this struggle yourself?  Chat with Philly School Search founder Len Lipkin and activist Greenfield School parent Christine Carlson, at 11 a.m. on Thursday June 30 at


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