Backpack Attack!

My old friend Meredith just published an article in the Inquirer about choosing a backpack for your kid.  Though choosing a backpack is not quite as weighty (see what I did there?) an issue as choosing a school, it is an important decision.  My kid has never had a backpack before.  He’s starting kindergarten, with new teachers, new expectations, new kids.  I want him to be as excited about it as possible.  The right backpack can make all the difference.  OK, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit.

Anyway, I think I nailed Meredith’s challenge.  I ordered this dinosaur backpack from Amazon a week back and my son practically froths at the mouth playing with it.  He wants to wear it everywhere.  He wants to carry his own kids gear in it when visiting his grandparents.  He created a game with it–putting objects inside and asking his little sister to guess.  It doesn’t shamefully shill Toy Story or Cars or some other commercial entity.  Most importantly, he asks me every day when he gets to go to kindergarten!  So, Meredith, I think I hit a home run, if I do say so myself.