New Feature for School Open House Calendar

It’s that time of year again.  School is back in session, and folks reading this blog are starting to narrow down their list of schools.  Once schools settle in a bit, they turn their attention to future students through open houses.  Starting as early as late September, schools across the region host open houses to give prospective families a chance to see their schools, meet teachers and faculty, observe casses in session, and get all of your questions answered.

To help parents navigate the process, last year I started a public calendar of school open houses throughout the Philadelphia region.  However, as you can imagine it is a monster to maintain.  I get emails asking me to add entries, and the emails don’t always have enough information about the event, so I have to follow up, etc. etc….  Did I mention that I already have full time job?  The end result is a calendar with incomplete listings and listings that take a while to update.

But I have an answer!  Philly School Search now has an online form that allows schools/interested parties to submit open house information for their school.  It takes about a minute to complete the form (one submission per event) and I can push the events to the public calendar much more quickly than in the past.  So schools–let me know about your event so families across the region can discover them!

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