Conflicted About Public Versus Private

On her blog Raising Philadelphia, Inquirer reporter Miriam Hill wrote quite an amusing piece on her struggle deciding between public and private.  Entitled Don’t Make Me Love You, Private School, it is a fake open letter to an unnamed private school.  I believe that it will resonate with many of you going through this process.  It starts with,

Dear Unnamed Private School,

Please stop making me love you. Really, I’m kind of committed to pubic school. It’s free, and I’m really hoping to say “I Do” to public when my son gets to first grade, so private, could you, like, stop looking so hot?

She does make an interesting point about the ‘marketing’ efforts of private (high) versus public (nonexistent).  A parent interested in public school often has to make a concerted effort to get to know their local public school, where the private schools will inundate you with emails, brochures, open houses, and all sorts of other marketing fluff.

Read the rest of ‘Don’t Make Me Love You, Private School‘….

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