Vacation Camp? Seriously?

Having had my son in year-round day care prior to starting kindergarten, I was prepared for the fact that we would need to find child care for him during the summer months in the form of one or more camps.  While I haven’t resolved that issue yet, another related issue has reared its ugly head.  What do you do with a kid during their school vacations?  Up until this week, it has been routine. A day for a teacher inservice is easy enough to find coverage or schedule my own work vacations.  Two weeks for winter break, sot so easy.  Timing my work vacations to coincide didn’t cover it all.  I found myself scrambling to figure out what options I had for stimulating activity and child care during this longer break.  I was disappointed in the number of options that I found.  I really only found three programs, though I admit I didn’t really research music or athletic programs.  Here they are, in no particular order.

They all seem great, but I am wondering–what other choices are out there?  Please leave your suggestions in the comments–I want to try to create a larger repository of “vacation camps” for parents to have as a resource.  Bookmark this page–I will link to that repository here when I create it…

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