Recycle Your Way to a Better School

Recyclebank is a rewards programs that has partnered with the city of Philadelphia to promote recycling.  They accomplish this by rewarding participants with points for recycling, which are redeemable for goods and services like gift cards or coupons.  Last year, Recyclebank introduced its Green Schools Program, allowing schools to propose projects and recyclebank members to donate their points to local schools for those projects.  From the Recyclebank website…

The Recyclebank Green Schools Program is designed to promote green education and encourage innovative thinking. Schools can raise funds for their projects by getting point donations, which will be converted into dollars and awarded to fund the project. Green education is so important, and that’s why Recyclebank will match every $1 earned.

Thanks to a groundswell of support from The West Philadelphia Coalition for Neighborhood Schools WPCNS, the Lea Elementary project has raised the most funds of any Recyclebank Green Schools in the country!  Close behind is the C.W. Henry Elementary project with with $192 still needed.  Several other local schools also are raising money this way.

Although this effort is cool, the impact is negligible.  What is really cool are the breadth and scope of all of the projects being taken on by WPCNS of other parent organizations across the city.  Parent grassroots efforts are gaining momentum.

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