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Marta Rowh

Types of Philadelphia Elementary Schools

We may remember a time when kids just went to their neighborhood school. But this isn’t Kansas anymore. There are lots of options and lots of different application processes for parents nowadays. We started school hunting at the dining room table and finally I threw my hands up…what are ALL the options?! Every time I thought I knew it all, another school popped up! I wanted to have all my options before deciding which schools to look at and which open houses to attend, so here is a brief Elementary School Options 101.

When to Start the School Search

We all know kids start kindergarten at age 5. So choosing a school should happen the year before kindergarten…right? Unfortunately the ‘when to start’ question is complicated and depends a lot on your risk tolerance.

Coming Soon to Philly School Search

Getting Started Series:  So, your child’s getting older. How do you begin? We’ll be posting a new series about starting the school …