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Kindergarten Timeline (printable version)

The age cutoff for most area kindergartens is that your child must be turning 5 prior to the start of the school year.  For the purposes of this timeline, let’s assume that your child will start Kindergarten in Fall 2013.

Period Year Type Activity
Summer 2011 All Have “The Talk” to begin to think about what you want in a school
Fall 2011 Private Considering private school?  Consider enrolling your child in pre-k at that private school.  Many private schools offer pre-k and many of those offer preferential treatment in the admissions process.  Enrollment for Pre-K in 2012 typically begins in Fall 2011, but check with your school of interest for precise times
Spring/Fall 2012 All If you have not already, start attending open houses.  Schools generally will not host open houses over the summer and it may be difficult to squeeze in all of the schools visits that you want in the Fall.
Fall 2012 Public Complete Voluntary Transfer (VTP) application for Fall 2013 if you wish to attend a Philadelphia Public school outside of your catchment.
Fall 2012 Charter Complete charter school applications.  Application deadlines might be as early as October, but some will be as late as March 2012
Fall 2012 Private Complete private school applications.  Many will require essays and letters of recommendation, even for Kindergarten.  Give your recommenders plenty of time!  Due dates range from late November to mid-January.
Nov-Jan 2012-2013 Private Plan for 1-3 interviews—some combination of parents, child, play groups
January 2013 Public 2013 Kindergarten registration for School District of Philadelphia
Jan/Feb 2013 Private Admissions decisions mailed out
March 2013 Private Private school intent to enroll forms are due, with deposit
Spring 2013 Public Voluntary Transfer Program (VTP) notifications are mailed.

[box type=”warning”]DISCLAIMER: This timeline is provided on a best effort basis and Philly School Search accepts no responsibility for missed deadlines. Dates will vary from school to school, and year to year, in some cases the variations will be big. Be sure to check with your school(s) of interest for their dates-including age cutoff and application. Let us know if you discover any gross inaccuracies.[/box]


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