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Schools Cheating on Tests?

Now there is yet another reason to ignore test scores when making your school choice. In many cases they might be fabricated.

Choosing Sides on Charters [Audio]

I have learned that for many of my readers, policy is an important factor in school choice. It makes sense–if you do not support the charter movement, sending your child to a charter isn’t exactly consistent behavior. The problem for most of you who are like me is that there are not a lot of impartial resources out there to help you form an intelligent opinion.

Beyond the Usual Suspects II

With so many people vying for spots in the same trendy public and charter schools, it is worth considering some schools that might not be on your radar.

Stanford Study on PA Charters Released

´╗┐The Report on Pennsylvania Charter Schools was released last week from the Center for Research and Outcomes (CREDO) at Stanford University. This report examined the performance of Pennsylvania charter schools for the period 2007 – 2010. The verdict? Charters are generally on par with or well BELOW their public school counterparts.