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Choosing Sides on Charters [Audio]

I have learned that for many of my readers, policy is an important factor in school choice. It makes sense–if you do not support the charter movement, sending your child to a charter isn’t exactly consistent behavior. The problem for most of you who are like me is that there are not a lot of impartial resources out there to help you form an intelligent opinion.

About My School Choice

Ever since I started this blog, people see me as some sort of school expert and thus are keenly interested in my personal school choice. This blog was never about that.

Don’t Trust Your Friends Redux

When ultimately a choice is made, it makes sense that a parent wants reassurance that they have made the right one. Influencing a friend or neighbor to make the same school choice is a validation.

Ignore Test Scores

The easiest thing to find when evaluating a school is the schools performance on standardized tests. How much weight should you put on those scores in your school decision?