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Why I Chose St. Peter’s School: 2011-05-03 School Selection Report

At St. Peter’s School, the children learn to be good individuals: tolerant, respectful, honest, cooperative, kind and engaged in their community through service. The curriculum and school are a structured environments: students wear uniforms and civility is expected. The St. Peter’s School experience will prepare my child to enter the professional world successfully.

Why I Chose Masterman: 2011-04-28 School Selection Report

The high caliber of the students and the diversity are what make Masterman special. Masterman has a reputation with some of being the “public school that is more like a private school” but that is so incorrect. We have kids from every neighborhood in the city and every income level.

Flashback: Essay Questions!

The private school application process includes an old nemesis of mine from high school–the application essay question. I hated the ‘tell me about yourself’ or ‘who would you most want to spend a weekend with and why?’ questions from my college application days. I felt compelled not only to produce a piece of good writing, but to also have a “hook”–something that would make me stand out among the multitudes of talented applications. I remember orientation week freshman year in college talking to my peers about what they wrote. One wrote a poem that she folded into an origami swan, another a story of feeding homeless children in Africa. I’m sure that most of you have heard similar anecdotes.

Now here we go again.