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Jenks Featured On New Local Blog

I’ve written about JS Jenks, my catchment school, extensively. Now another local blog, Chestnut Hill Patch, is getting into the act.

Elementary School Diversity Reconsidered

When I entered into the process of identifying a school for my kid, I considered diversity a primary characteristic of the school that I hoped to identify. However, in my experiences visiting schools and hearing your public (and private) comments on this blog, I realized that I have to change my expectations of diversity.

Making Bache-Martin Part of The Neighborhood

My local catchment school Jenks isn’t the only Philadelphia public school with parents pushing to make it more of a neighborhood school. Bache-Martin is doing the same thing. While Jenks has included prospective parent’s teas and distributed lawn signs in their efforts to spread the word. The “Neighborhood Parents for Bache-Martin” organization has