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Why Language Immersion?

One parent writes about deciding to explore language immersion before rejecting it, and in doing so completely changed their children’s futures.

Beyond the Usual Suspects II

With so many people vying for spots in the same trendy public and charter schools, it is worth considering some schools that might not be on your radar.

Jenks Featured On New Local Blog

I’ve written about JS Jenks, my catchment school, extensively. Now another local blog, Chestnut Hill Patch, is getting into the act.

ICS Playground and Mural

Kindergarten Language Immersion and Classroom Dynamics

One of the realities of a language immersion program is that everyone is starting at the same level. Maybe my kid can’t read but somebody else’s kid can. Guess what? When the class starts and the teacher is speaking only Spanish, every kid is lost. Every kid is starting from scratch. So by definition, the students are all at the same level, at least for vast chunks of the curriculum.