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Types of Philadelphia Elementary Schools

We may remember a time when kids just went to their neighborhood school. But this isn’t Kansas anymore. There are lots of options and lots of different application processes for parents nowadays. We started school hunting at the dining room table and finally I threw my hands up…what are ALL the options?! Every time I thought I knew it all, another school popped up! I wanted to have all my options before deciding which schools to look at and which open houses to attend, so here is a brief Elementary School Options 101.

Flashback: Essay Questions!

The private school application process includes an old nemesis of mine from high school–the application essay question. I hated the ‘tell me about yourself’ or ‘who would you most want to spend a weekend with and why?’ questions from my college application days. I felt compelled not only to produce a piece of good writing, but to also have a “hook”–something that would make me stand out among the multitudes of talented applications. I remember orientation week freshman year in college talking to my peers about what they wrote. One wrote a poem that she folded into an origami swan, another a story of feeding homeless children in Africa. I’m sure that most of you have heard similar anecdotes.

Now here we go again.