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Articles related to evaluating religiously affiliated (primarily Quaker, Jewish and Catholic) schools in and around Philadelphia

Types of Philadelphia Elementary Schools

We may remember a time when kids just went to their neighborhood school. But this isn’t Kansas anymore. There are lots of options and lots of different application processes for parents nowadays. We started school hunting at the dining room table and finally I threw my hands up…what are ALL the options?! Every time I thought I knew it all, another school popped up! I wanted to have all my options before deciding which schools to look at and which open houses to attend, so here is a brief Elementary School Options 101.

Pitfalls of an Elite Education Part 4: Conclusions

As I have begun to consider a private school for my son, I have come across some very powerful arguments in the media stating that private schools aren’t necessarily as desirable as their glossy viewbooks would lead you to believe.

Pitfalls of an Elite Education Part 3: Civility?

There was recently an Op-Ed piece in the New York Times by Charles Blow–Private School Civility Gap. The article references a 2010 study by the Josephson Institute Center for Youth Ethics, “Report Card on the Ethics of American Youth” which surveyed 43,000 kids on attitudes toward sex, violence, race, drugs, alcohol, bullying, and more. There are many fascinating statistics in the study, but the ones that are most surprising (to me) are the one that are referenced by Blow–boys at private, religiously affiliated schools are more likely to

Why I Chose St. Francis Xavier Catholic School in Philadelphia

The primary reason why I choose Catholic school for our daughter was that she was not going to meet the public school age limit for Kindergarten. We were coming from Canada where the age limit for Kindergarten was 5 by December 31st and we were only moving to Philadelphia for a couple of years so when looking for places to live, I asked in a couple of Catholic schools to see if they would take her, and St Francis Xavier said they were happy to. This ultimately brought us to live in Fairmount! I think the Catholic schools have a little more flexibility than the public schools in that regard. Overall I was very happy with the Catholic school experience (specifically St Frannies) for the following