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Philly High School Search

The Notebook, a local periodcal dedicated to educational reporting in Philadelphia, regularly publishes it’s Annual Fall Guide to High Schools.

Voluntary Transfer Program for 2012-2013

Yes, it’s once again time again for the Voluntary Transfer Program (VTP)! For Philadelphia residents, VTP allows families to apply for seats in public schools outside of their designated catchment.

New Resource: Raising Philadelphia

There’s a new resource out there for Philadelphia area parents. Inquirer reporter Miriam Hill just launched a blog called Raising Philadelphia.

Mount Airy School Discussion Group 2011

Members of the Mount Airy Parent’s Network Annual School Discussion Group share information, arrange tours, and, in general, just support each other through what can be a stressful process for many families.

Cool Philly School Map

There are plenty of resources that parents can use to learn more about schools that they are considering. Add another great resource to the list-an interactive school facility map.