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Beyond the Usual Suspects II

With so many people vying for spots in the same trendy public and charter schools, it is worth considering some schools that might not be on your radar.

Unfortunate School Choice Timing

The complexity of timing for families choosing a school means making a school choice without knowing all of your options. For parents choosing between public schools in your catchment or via the VTP, charter, and/or private school options, it is a real problem.


We just got one, and likewise many of you will be getting private school acceptances this week. Congratulations! Now you have the unique privilege of spending $10-20K a year for kindergarten. Now what?


My son’s name was selected randomly as number 131 out of 165 applicants. bleh.

Why I Chose Wissahickon Charter: 2010-11-18 School Selection Report

The thing that “sold” me on WCS is the Responsive Classroom Curriculum. It is a very structured and smart system by which all faculty and students learn to handle conflicts assertively. The vibe of this school is very peaceful and happy. A zero-tolerance of bullying is taken very seriously from the classrooms, to recess, to the buses.